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Estate Planning Options for Individuals with Special Needs Children

Raising a child with special needs is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also comes with unique challenges. One of the most significant concerns parents face is ensuring their child’s well-being and financial security after they are no longer able to provide for them. The emotional weight of this worry can be immense. However, it […]

How Can You Protect Your Estate from Creditors and Lawsuits?

Building a lasting legacy for your loved ones involves dedication and meticulous planning. However, even after you depart, the fruits of your labor—your estate comprising property, assets, and possessions—may become vulnerable to creditors seeking unsettled debts or unexpected lawsuits. Understanding Different Types of Creditors While you may be familiar with traditional creditors like mortgage companies […]

Digital Assets in Estate Planning: Cybersecurity Concerns and Considerations

In the modern digital age, estate planning has moved beyond the traditional realms of physical assets and financial accounts. Today, digital assets form an integral part of our personal and financial lives, necessitating their inclusion in a comprehensive estate plan. From social media accounts and digital photo libraries to cryptocurrency holdings and online business operations, […]

How to Discuss Your Estate Plan Goals With Your Loved Ones

Estate planning is an essential step for anyone looking to secure their financial future and ensure their wishes are honored. An estate plan allows you to determine how your assets, like your home, savings, and personal items, will be managed and distributed when you are no longer around. This planning is crucial because it gives […]

Top New Year’s Resolutions for Estate Planning

As we usher in a New Year, it is a time of reflection and setting goals for the future. For many in Maryland, this includes making resolutions to secure their financial well-being and familial future. Estate planning is often pushed to the back burner, but it should be at the forefront of your resolutions for […]

Understanding Maryland’s Intestacy Laws

What happens to your assets when you pass away if you don’t have a will in place? This situation, known as dying intestate, means your estate will be distributed according to state intestacy laws. These laws provide default inheritance rules that apply when someone dies without an estate plan directing asset distribution. While intestacy laws […]

Estate Planning Essentials for Single Parents

Estate planning is the process of arranging for the distribution of your assets after a person’s death. It is important for everyone to have an estate plan, but it is especially important for single parents. Single parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children are financially and emotionally protected in the event of their […]